Madelyn Janelle is a freelance concept artist and muralist based in North Carolina. With her natural fire to create, she's made an impact in the art world with unique style and mentorship to other artists by encouraging them to express themselves through art.

Madelyn is best known for her blue color scheme and headphones aesthetic in her work. Her work expresses how even the darkest shadows are as dark as we think and tuning out negativity with your favorite headphones can lead to brighter days.

With over 10 years of working with traditional mediums, from pencils to murals, she has recently started started studying digital art. Her digital work had been used for concept ideas for characters to variant comic covers for kickstarter campaigns. She manages to still maintain her unique style with any medium.

She looks forward to a future art tour to meet her fans, other artists, and more collaborations.

You can find her on Tiktok and YouTube creating videos of her process and final pieces and spreading positivity. 


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